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How to sell a bike

Selling a bike is not as easy as it seems. Fit is the key to its customers benefit from the experience.
If no match, inefficient, will not be a pleasant journey.

Ask where customers intend to mount, road or off road? If both, what percentage of off-road? They commute or a tourist?

What price range - people are surprised at the price of a good bike?. But when in your store, they are serious about quality.
Your bike will start around $ 300.00, it will be an entry level mountain bike or cross. higher costs will produce better components. Better components lighter and work better under pressure. Usually models of different brands of bikes that even $ 50.00 to $ 100.00 for the same frame.

Hold for the suggested retail price, no haggling. Cycling mark-up remained unchanged for years. Delivery, installation, service after sales rose 30 tune, he adds all the cost. At the end of your sale will be thrown into the water bottle cage, and a discount on products purchased today offer.

Size-You have the right type of bike. Take 10-inch inseam of them for road bikes, bike 11, 12 for a mountain bike. This gives you an approximate size. new bike sizes are indicated on the seat tube. Check the steps that producers of the crank center to center top tube or top tube. accordingly adjust the size.

Test Ride Inform the customer based on moving and braking, keep it simple-
"The left hand controls the front of the bike (brake and change) right-back Take back control of the first. And the front brake is required. Ring in front of the largest and most difficult, a little easier reverse the rear, large teeth easier. a bit difficult to avoid high. / large, small / small combination of speed, the chain has too many corners. thereare easily derail into the ring and move the derailleur thereare back and forth at the beginning to familiarize themselves with the transition. "

They come back smiling! - It is now time to sell them a bottle of water, helmets, racks, computers, pumps, etc. They are happy and swollen, accessory stores money, time to sell!

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