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Decorate a Bicycle Baskets

The bicycle as a mode of transport is increasing in popularity, especially in light of the growing awareness of the environment. People decide to cycle to work and shop in plaats van driving are performed, the bike, because no harmful substances are released. Bicycles can also be a fashion statement, people find the appeal of retro designs in the biking mountain biking wild. Accessories to customize your bike a look. You can decorate baskets, baskets that attach to the front of the handlebars of a bicycle, to reflect your personal style.

Design your shopping cart.
You can imagine an overview of your head or draw it on paper. Whatever method you use, it is preferable to have a general idea of what you want before you begin your design related materials. Consider the basket from the bottom up, starting with the color of the basket. Choose a theme, like a seasonal theme, or core, like a bouquet of flowers, you can design your basket around. You can simply attach your ornaments on the fly, using your inspiration as you go.

Paint your basket. Spray paint is the fastest form of paint to use, especially in woven baskets. It will also coat your cart without adding a lot of texture. However, if you prefer to use a brush to paint, that works. If your basket is painted, you can first use a coat or spray on or paint on the primer, it is completely dry before painting over. If your bike outside, you want to paint a weather resistant. Let the paint dry completely before adding other design elements.

Line your basket with tissue.
You can wrap the fabric over the rim is to cover. Use hot glue or needle and thread to hold it. You can also sew button to the fabric to be removable so that you can wash or for when you just do not want in the basket.

Confirm your design or other decorations according to your tastes. Hot glue is a fast and secure way to confirm these items. You can decorate the front of the car or a design flow on the sides and even on the back. Just keep in mind how your basket attaches to your bike so that your decorations will not be spoiled when your cart.

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