Title :Marin Cycling

History of Racing Bikes

James Moore's England won the first cycling race in 1868. The bike is made of wood and rubber tires with ball bearings, has made the increase in speed. road bike in the machine before the public as a sport or a means of transportation. Since then, experienced both the bike and run many changes. Bicycles have been tighter, safer and faster. track racing and road racing is a major spectator sport is constantly being expanded to industries such as mountain biking extreme to be included. Bicycle race began as a wood or metal and even bamboo --- --- but the carbon fiber reinforced current, high-performance engines.

a new bicycle design and implementation of road bike. More people have taken the bike for transportation and road racing, first in Europe. Summer activities included in the Olympic Games in Athens 1896th endurance race from the start, as the Paris-Brest is nearly 800 miles. Tour de France, followed by millions of fans, took place in 1903. Bike Racing has become an international sport after the World Cup itself, associations and organizations of the decision.

Was safer than an interesting race of the 19th century to the end and a better bike. Security has been created with two bicycle wheels the same size. A band, and a smooth ride. Gears added, and the wheel will be accelerated. Introduction to bicycle safety, cycling mechanism similar to the central engine and gear. The bike is both participatory and spectator.

Aluminum wheels are racing to develop in the 1930s, and transmissions. Today we make material for lighter, faster and more consistent and parts. Racers complete their machines and bicycles to enable them to push the sport to the speed limit and in different areas. Competitors also an unprecedented level of excellence in sport.
American Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven years, 1999-2005.

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