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Rocky Mountain Metropolis Hybrid Bike review

The Rocky Mountain Metropolis merges the latest in hydro-formed tubing with the latest internal drivetrain technology from Shimano for the ultimate in street cred. Lightweight butted tubing gives this frame lively handlingbut it also has a full complement of rack mounts for hauling any load. On whatever urban adventure you choose, the Metropoliss Alfine drivetrain eliminates the need for messy derailleurs and keeps your clothes clean. A road warrior commanding respect in urban environments, the Metropolis is made to conquer traffic and still hold its own when the job gets hectic.

When buying a hybrid bike it is very important to know about the overall build and features of the bike, particularly if you are a first time buyer.

To best describe a hybrid bike is to say it is a mix between a mountain bike and a road bike. They are sturdy and strong bikes and are perfect for cycling on roads and bike paths.

The gears are not usually the same as you would expect to have on a mountain bike, the gears are more similar to road bikes. Handlebars

The wheels are a mixture between mountain and road bikes. They are wide like the mountain bike which offers great stability and durability, with a much higher air pressure similar to the road bike which offers a higher speed. Research & Review

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