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Bicycle Accessories - Improving the Ride

One of the most common bicycle accessories is the bicycle light. Bicycle lights are usually powered with batteries, although some use an electrical generator. The lamps used on bicycle lights fall into three categories. The NiteRider MiNewt X2 LED Handlebar Mount Li-Ion, the DiNotte 600-LI-HC and the Sigma Sport Triled/Cuberider Combo are all examples of bicycle lights.

Bicycle theft can be a big problem among cyclists, especially in urban settings. Bicycle locks are usually intended to be used in conjunction with bicycle racks, although realistically they used to secure the bicycle to any object. The most effective locks secure the frame and wheel or wheels to an immovable object. U-locks are the most secure kind of bicycle lock.

This kind of bicycle tire pump ranges in price from $20 to $120. However, some bicycle pumps use pressured air cartridges to re-inflate tires. Bicycle computers are a fairly recent innovation, and they can range anywhere from $20 to $650. Some bicycle computers can even communicate with each other, allowing cyclists to monitor other individuals in a group.

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