Title :Marin Cycling

Choosing the Bicycle bike For Health

For openers, there are comfort and cruiser bicycles. Think old school Schwinn - bikes with balloon tires and big seats. These are the preferred choice of many recreational bike riders.

Other choices include mountain bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes and specialty bicycles such as; recumbent, BMX and tandem (2 person) bikes. No matter which type of bike you may choose, biking is a great way to increase stamina, improve cardiovascular strength and have all around better fitness.

Mountain biking has become one of the more popular bike riding activities, enjoyed by a wide age range of people. You may decide you only need a light duty mountain bike, which would also be good for regular riding.

When it comes to riding, remember that not all biking trails are for experts only. Mountain bike trails are rated - the easiest is green, an intermediate is blue and difficult trails are pink. Go slowly to begin, mountain biking requires some skill and you'll need to learn how to handle the bike to minimize chance of injury.

Another type of bike that is gaining fans is the recumbent bike. An interesting note; recumbent bikes are the fastest type of bicycle.

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