Title :Marin Cycling

Bicycle Shops Tips and Reviews

The first big thing that every bike shop wont tell you is to not put a kickstand on a mountain bike. Bicycle shops just like selling kickstands because it is a high margin add on for them. The next big thing is that if your bicycle says designed in America that does not mean the bicycle was made in America at all. Do not think that if you buy a bike "designed in America" you are helping out factory workers in America.

Bicycle shops are sprawled through out cities and neighborhoods of America. The Internet has also influenced the bicycle business. More bicycle companies are selling directly to the consumer via the Internet. Take for example Woodstock Bikes of Woodstock, Georgia.

One of the largest bicycle companies in the US offers a full suspension mountain bike that has specs that are very similar to the Woodstock 707 full suspension bike. Woodstock Bikes offers the 707 model and it sells for about $899 directly from their website.

Would the fact that Woodstock Bike's only store front is their web address be enough to allow someone to save $500 per bike? Woodstock Bikes some how figured out they could offer the same level of bicycle as the big bike companies by offering their product directly to the consumer via the Internet.

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