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Top Guide Of Beach Cruiser

As a Beach Cruiser enthusiast I'm often ask about the difference between an Aluminum Beach Cruiser and a Steel Beach Cruiser. Beach Cruisers by Schwinn, Electra, Nirve and many others held a strong presence in the United States Beach Cruiser Market. This has had two dramatic effects on the USA Beach Cruiser Market. As to the difference in steel and aluminum beach cruisers you can expect to pay slightly more for an aluminum beach cruiser.

If you are looking for a light weight beach cruiser that will be rust resistant then aluminum beach cruiser may be exactly what you are looking for. People living on the beach or who take their beach cruiser to the beach regularly will benefit from this technology.

The downside is that most manufactures have a far wider selection of steel beach cruisers than aluminum beach cruisers. As a result most customers who have a limited life expectancy for their beach cruiser will be happier with the greater selection of steel beach cruisers.

The main question happens to be, "is a beach cruiser just for the beach?" Beach cruisers are taking hold across the land and are no longer just for the beach! You may want to consider a Beach Cruiser for your next bike.

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