Title :Marin Cycling

Nirve Paul Frank City Bike Men's 3-Speed Cruiser Bike

Cool, smart, and ultra-comfortable, the Nirve Paul Frank City three-speed men's cruiser bike gets you to your destination in style. The City sports such features as smooth-rolling 700c wheels, an alloy three-piece crank, and a lightweight fender set.

The leather-like double-spring saddle and upright city handlebars, meanwhile, let you ride in all-day comfort. Perhaps the coolest feature, however, is the hand-made, vintage-style 19-inch frame, which was designed by renowned artist Paul Frank. Simply put, you can't find a smoother bike anywhere. Other details include a rear rack for carrying books and panniers, a welded cartridge kickstand, and coaster brakes.

In 1974 a French city initiated a free bike program with yellow bicycles that were free to take and use. Does the city use sharrows? A "sharrow" is a shared-lane marking system for roadways. Are there bike boxes at major intersections?

A bike box is a green box that is painted on the road with a white bicycle symbol inside. Are the streets wide? Do they have clearly marked bike lanes?

Though wide city streets are good for the cyclists, bike lanes are actually far better, they help define road space, promote a more orderly flow of traffic, help cyclists know which direction to travel in, and give them a clear place to ride as opposed to using the sidewalks.

Are there bike racks for parking? Racks need to cradle the entire bike and allow the user to lock the frame and wheels of the bike. What about bike racks on public transport?

In a bike friendly city, the Department of Public Transportation usually works with cyclists to meet their needs. City buses can carry two bikes in the front or back, and the drivers will sometimes allow the cyclist to bring their bike inside. Rail vehicles can often carry 4 bikes per car. Overall, a bike-friendly city will have a solid bicycle culture and a well-developed infrastructure that favors cyclists

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