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Buying a Road Schwinn Katana Road Bike

Ideal for that morning commute or getting out for your evening ride, the Schwinn Katana has everything you need to get you quickly and easily from point A to point B. The Katana features a 14-speed Shimano drivetrain with a quick-shifting A050 rear derailleur, and lightweight Tru-Vativ IsoFlow alloy cranks to keep your legs moving fast. The alloy Aero frame, deep-dish alloy wheels and paired spokes make the Katana ready to hit the road in a snap.

If you are looking at purchasing a frame for your bike, then you need to consider the type of frame you require. Road bike frames are frames that are designed for bikes that are going to be used on the road, and therefore an off-road bike frame will not do.

Road bike frames are a lot lighter and thinner than off-road frames such as mountain bikes. Road Bike Frames And Size

The size of your bike frame is another very important factor to consider. Standard clearance distances are 7 to 13cm for mountain bikes, 5 to 10cm for racing bikes, and 1 to 8 cm for hybrid bikes.

Is Your Bike For Sport Or Fun? If you are looking for road bike frames for racing bikes, then these frames will be designed for speed, and in many cases, they are lighter and less stable than other road bike frames.

Bike Frame Types, Titanium frames are great if you have the money to spend on them. Carbon fibre bike frames are what most people want.

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