Title :Marin Cycling

Finding The Best Kids Bikes

Riding a bicycle children learn inertia, steering, braking and pedaling. The average age most kids begin to ride a 2 wheeler is around 5 years of age.
A child should also be self-confident and motivated to venture out onto a "big kids bike". If you've ever taught a child to ride a bike you know it can take a lot of patience. If your child is not motivated to ride a two wheeler they can be persuaded by friends riding 2 wheeler, a parent explaining to their child that training wheels are "for babies".
Sizes Of Kid Bikes
The next jump after the smaller kids bikes is to a frame size of 26 or 27 inches with 700c wheels. Sage advice: No matter what age, have an expert size the bike for your child, don't take any unnecessary safety risks.
Buying a Bicycle
The best method for choosing the right bike for your child is through education of the basics of biking. Kids bikes are cheaper than adult bikes and there is a reason for this. A correctly sized kids bike will allow the rider to dismount and straddle the bike flat footedly.

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